Public Insurance for Homeless as part of National Health Care Plan for America

October 26, 2009 · Bagat la Diverse 

Democrats in Washington are becoming desperate in their never-ending quest for a National Health Care. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is counting likely votes every five minutes; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is working the phones, trying to convince wavering democrats to fall in line with White House wishes.

For its part, the Obama Administration is doing its best to confuse and muddy the waters declaring war on conservative critics, cable channels and the National Chamber of Commerce, to say nothing about the evil health insurance companies and racist/fascist town hall meetings.

The National Public Health Insurance Plan would require that ALL Americans have affordable health insurance.
Problem is – health care costs money. To provide health care for everybody, the health insurance companies insist on a national requirement for everyone to purchase insurance. It sounds logical, since to have some pay for all is not a rational concept.

The recently passed Senate bill contains provisions for helping low-income Americans to purchase health insurance by offering government subsidies. To make up for the rest, a variety of taxes and fines.

Still, it would not cover ALL Americans.

I have read about the poor lacking health insurance and how the government will help them.
I have not read anything about the homeless population of America. By all accounts, this segment of US population cannot be counted among low-income. By definition, they are no-income.

The homeless comprise a substantial portion of United States population – some 600,000 of them at any given moment – according to some.
By other accounts they number about 2 million. How is the Democratic Health Insurance Plan going to provide for those people? By subsidies?

It’s an inconvenient question – but one that should be answered nevertheless.



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