Momente Vesele in Diaspora Mioritica

November 2, 2009 · Bagat la America ma-sii!, Blegisme 

Ori e de fapt… “Disperarea” in loc de “Diaspora”? Nush’… ziceti voi…
Pe principiul “Daca nu merge asa… incercam si asa, nu?” avem ecouri disperate din meleaguri indepartate… americane, zic.

Toata tarasenia ar fi chiar distractiva, daca n-ar fi ABSOLUT mioritica.

Romanian immigrant fights a communist foe from the past

Man says his native Romania owes him for what hes lost

By Debra Smith
Herald Writer

EVERETT At 71 years old, Viorel Ciubuc last week took his first trip to Washington, D.C.

The Snohomish County man didnt go to see the U.S. Capitol building, the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial.

He came to stand alone in front of the Romanian Embassy and to hold a hand-lettered sign that cant begin to express his frustration, his anger, his pain.

Romanian officials, under the countrys former communist regime, persecuted him because of his democratic ideals and even kept a secret file detailing his life. He fled to America in 1985.

Ciubuc has since scratched out a life for himself and his family in Everett. Hes never forgiven.

What they did it was abuse, he said.

What he wants now is justice.

Cititi totul, ca poate va vin idei sa-l dati la tribunal pe Nea Ceasca… :)
Merge in special daca ati fost ceva legume in sistemul comunist, ceva sefi ori sefuleti de intreprinderi si antreprize…
NOTA: Stiu ca nu-i frumos sa faci misto de pensionari, da’ unii chiar nu se multumesc daca le dai locu’ in tramvai… :)



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