America lui Obama

January 31, 2010 · Bagat la America ma-sii!, Blegisme 

și România lui Base, desigur… :)

“…and when it became essential to peace, that all power should be centered in one man, these great intellects passed away. Then too the truthfulness of history was impaired in many ways; at first, through men’s ignorance of public affairs, which were now wholly strange to them, then, through their passion for flattery, or, on the other hand, their hatred of their masters. And so between the enmity of the one and the servility of the other, neither had any regard for posterity. But while we instinctively shrink from a writer’s adulation, we lend a ready ear to detraction and spite, because flattery involves the shameful imputation of servility, whereas malignity wears the false appearance of honesty…”

(Tacitus – “Histories” – January – March, A.D. 69)



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  1. on February 11th, 2010 4:17 am

    ti-am dat o leapsa, cum se zice. tu cate alte bloguri mai ai?

  2. Blegoo on March 22nd, 2010 6:40 pm ... bloguri... nu prea mai am multe - adică, ar mai fi vreo... să zic... 10-12... unele părăsite, normal; saituri... să zic... foo... 15-20... unele începute, altele doar cu nume, etc.
    Și io ca toată lumea... încep multe... termin foarte puține. :-(