Economia pentru Necunoscători – 6

June 6, 2010 · Bagat la Blegisme 

Vineri, euro a căzut sub 1,20 față de dolar. Dacă scade sub 1,18… la toamnă o să fie la paritate cu dolarul, zic unii.
Eu zic că de Crăciun (nu zic care Crăciun) n-o să mai existe euroi.
Am lătrat, mi-am făcut datoria.

…there is much more, but it is largely irrelevant. The IMF on Thursday said it can not possibly bail out all of Europe, absent another infusion of $300+ billion, and as the EU itself is insolvent, the debate of a European “game over” is not one of if but when. Unfortunately, the US is in far worse shape than all of Europe combined…



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