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June 6, 2010 · Bagat la Cretinisme 

Citind io așa… din “Ză Ieconomist”… fac greșala să citesc comentariili… care este ele.
Concluzionez, așadar, că nici măcar în materie de tâmpenie crasă nu mai avem monopol.
Articolul e relativ simplist, ușor de înțeles…

…Până și pentru mine.

Comentarilii, însă… e mai abitir decât sfertodoxismele mioritice… cu atât mai dureros, cu cât nici măcar nu conțin înjurături…


HM123 wrote:
May 21st 2010 2:39 GMT
This article bothers me. Why shall Germans consume more than they need? I have lived there many years and people are not holding back on purchases that they enjoy. It seems to me that the Economist is recommending that Germans live like Americans and replace a perfectly fine TV with a new one just because they can get 0% financing on it. If GDP is inflated through wasteful spending it gets decoupled from real wealth creation. So it becomes meaningless, even if it makes economists happy. Besides, stop dreaming. Nothing the government can do will change the German way of life. Taking on the speculators is the right thing to…”


Amerlok wrote:
May 21st 2010 6:22 GMT
…posturing in this article is off-based. “Just correct your competitive stance and the market will remedy your present woes”. Competitive stance, if you read between the author’s lines, means cutting wages, because selling produced goods to the world inherently depends upon lower costs of manufacturing (than elsewhere). Right – we should all go live ten to a room, as in China, so that we can compete…
[....] … But that is the way industry functions in the south of Europe – with two sets of books, one for reporting to the government and the other that actually shows true costs (at a much lower values). In fact, they have been surviving in this manner since reconstruction from the ravages of WW2.
So, no need to worry. When global demand comes back in force, which seems not so far off, then so will these economies…”

Ori… mai știi? Or fi români plecați la muncă în Anglia?!?
Oricum, e trist când nici măcar la tâmpenie nu mai suntem pe locu’ ntâi.



2 Comentarii to “Vesti Triste”

  1. melcul on June 7th, 2010 9:54 am

    Scuze ca scriu aici....interesat de un schimb de link ?
    Merci fain si o zi frumoasa :)

  2. Blegoo on June 8th, 2010 5:45 pm

    Melcule... nuclear ori nu... mersi de întrebare.
    Chestia este... vezi vreun blogrol-rostogol aici?
    Dacă nu... aia e. :)
    Simte-te liber să comentezi, cu legătură la tine... da' nu vorbi prostii... normal.
    Te faci de râs, fiindcă sunt mulți care citesc aici (lume grea) care nu comentează, dar evaluează prostia relativ eficient.