December 8, 2010 · Bagat la America ma-sii! 

Din New York Times:

“…Anonymous, a leaderless group of activist hackers that had vowed to wreak revenge on any organization that lined up against WikiLeaks, claimed responsibility for the Mastercard attack, and, according one activist associated with the group, was conducting multiple other attacks…”

“…In an online chatroom at Anonops.net, activists who announced their nationalities from around the world — “hello from Sierra Leone” — “hi from Austria” — talked openly of the attacks and said they would need 5,000 people to effectively paralyze PayPal. Many also plotted a rumor campaign to further destabilize Mastercard — suggesting that others…”

Acuma… eu nu îndemn pă nimeni la nimica… să fim clari.
Doar stau și mă gândesc… că în gobalismu’ nostru mioritic… suntem în continuare parohiali.

D-aia nici n-o să contam ca ceva vreodată…



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