Noi Nu Ne Vindem Copiii!

March 16, 2013 · Bagat la America ma-sii!, Blegisme, Romania 

… nici țara, nici pământu’, nici fetele…
(ueit, uat? nevăr main’…)

“Four-year-old Alina stood in her diaper, her bright eyes looking past the end of her bottle at the American woman who intended to adopt her from a maternity hospital in rural Romania.

This is how Mary, who planned on raising Alina, recounts one of her earliest meetings with the girl. With the adoption paperwork complete, a signature from Romania’s prime minister was all that stood between Alina’s placement in a stable American home and a childhood in Romania without a family. It never happened.

In 2001, Romania placed a moratorium on international adoptions, and officially banned the practice four years later, citing widespread corruption in adoption practices…”

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1 Comentariu to “Noi Nu Ne Vindem Copiii!”

  1. WhiteWolf on March 16th, 2013 12:56 pm

    Mai bine-i lasa sa faca sport decat sa tot vorbeasca despre ceva care nu exista :)