Ce nu inteleg romanii

August 18, 2013 · Bagat la Diverse 

… e că în Ioropa… unii e mai ioropeni decît alții.

By Thomas Escritt
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The Dutch deputy premier has called for the European Union to deal with the “negative consequences” of unprecedented levels of labor migration within the bloc, calling for a new common approach to one of the EU’s most cherished principles.
Lodewijk Asscher, who is also social affairs minister, wrote in De Volkskrant newspaper on Saturday that migration from the poorer, newer entrants to the 28-member European Union was crowding some western Europeans out of the labor market.
“If we want to continue to profit from the benefits of free movement, then we have to be ready to tackle the negative side-effects, from crowding out to the exploitation (of immigrants),” he said in the article, which was co-signed by David Goodhart, a British campaigner for restrictions on immigration.
His comments echo similar remarks by senior British politicians, including Prime Minister David Cameron. Britain and the Netherlands have also both called for Brussels to hand back some of its decision-making powers to sovereign governments, with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte saying in June that he wanted to see “a smaller, leaner and meaner Europe”.

Un fel de “circulați, circulați, da’ doar unde vă zicem noi”.
Mă trec lacrimi când mă gândesc că în anu’ 2013, încă mai ie români care vrea în spațiu’ Șengăn ăla.
Ca să li se spună pă unde au voie să meargă.

Care încă mai vor iuroiul ca hârtie națională.
Ca să li se spună dă la Brucsel cât valorează.

Care încă se închină la altaru’ “productivității” mioritice.



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