Coada Sulitzei

July 6, 2014 · Bagat la Blegisme 

Din ciclul “Filme de Uichend”
Ori… “Suntem Egali”

“…an attempt by five Evangelical Christian missionaries from the United States to bring Christianity to the Huaorani people of the rainforest of Ecuador…”

“…the Waorani fiercely defended their territory. Viewing all cowodi as cannibalistic predators, they killed…”

“…prone to internal violence, often engaging in vengeance killing of other Waorani. Raids were carried out in extreme anger by groups of men who attacked their victims’ longhouse by night and then fled…”

“…missionaries hoped that by regularly giving gifts to the Huaorani and attempting to communicate with them in their language, they would be able to win them over as friends…”

“…gave them several gifts, including a model plane, and the visitors soon relaxed and began conversing freely…”

“…Huaorani arrived at Palm Beach around 3:00 p.m., and in order to divide the foreigners before attacking them, they sent three women to the other side of the river. One, Dawa, remained hidden in the jungle, but the other two showed themselves. Two of the missionaries waded into the water to greet them, but were attacked from behind…”

“…other missionary in the river, Fleming, before being speared, desperately reiterated friendly overtures and asked the Huaorani why they were killing…”

“…Huaorani then threw the men’s bodies and their belongings in the river, and ripped the fabric from their aircraft. They then returned to their village and, anticipating retribution, burned it to the ground and fled…”

Deci… ce să zic… e cam ca la Craiova.



2 Comentarii to “Coada Sulitzei”

  1. Rudolph Aspirant on July 11th, 2014 7:13 am

    Cu ocazia CM de fotbal am mai apucat si eu sa citesc despre diverse aventuri istorice din America de Sud. De ex stiati ca exista un film brazilian din 1971 ff admirat de criticii profesionisti numit Ce bun gust a avut micul meu print francez, in care este vorba de un print francez cu adevarat elegant care nu numai ca a fost masacrat dar si mancat de aborigenii tupi din Brazilia din secolul 16, desi si el initial fusese prieten cu ei impotriva portughezilor, numai ca ei doreau de fapt prin acea canibalizare sa preia puterile, si talentul lui de francez, si degeaba a incercat el sa-i lumineze, ca ei tot ce au vrut au gandit si au facut.

  2. Rudolph Aspirant on July 11th, 2014 7:19 am

    Tot cu ocazia CM de fotbal am aflat din massmedia ca Brazilia nu poate invinge decat grupari care incep cu litera C, ca de ex Columbia, Costa Rica, etc...drept care am extrapolat ca poate conceptul se aplica si la alte entitati, de ex crestini, comunisti, etc.